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"We have traveled all over Europe and Africa and have experienced a wide variety of travel arrangements. This past summer we planned a month long trip through France and the United Kingdom and sought assistance from Pam Welch at Gotta Go travel. Pam is an outstanding guide and reference on places to stay, what to see, how to get there and move around. Her experience in traveling and in the travel industry made her suggestion golden. She knew exactly how to get to Paris inexpensively and where to stay. Her suggestion to take the Chunnel to London was a great insight to our sense of adventure. All of the connections and flights that Pam arranged were first rate and we never had a problem. The accommodations that Pam arranged were charming and unique. Our association with Pam and Gotta Go Travel made the trip one of a lifetime and memorable. We will continue to seek Pam's assistance and use her extensive expertise to arrange all of our travels from now on. Gotta Go Travel treats you like family and take the extra time to make your trip special."

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Enjoy our travel tips to make your trip go smoother.
Tip # 1.
Always carry a clear Ziploc bag in which all small items --- such as a credit cards, wallet, watch, keys, coins, pens, cell phones and glasses - can be safely sealed and dropped in the tray along with your shoes and other large items. Inspectors have told me they really appreciate this, as it makes their job easier.

Tip # 2.
Wear a belt with lightweight, solid, brass buckle, which will not set off the alarm as it has a light metal mass and no iron content.

Tip # 3.
Get sneakers in dark gray that are compatible with business attire and have Velcro-band closures rather than laces, permitting them to be quickly put on and taken off.

Tip #4.
Carry a photocopy of your passport and credit cards you take on your trip in case they are lost or stolen. Also have a copy at home for your records.

Enjoy our travel tips to make your trip go smoother.

Tip #5.
Travel insurance is advisable as penalties are costly on consolidator tickets for cancellations or changes.

Tip #6.
Always reconfirm your international flights 72 hours prior to travel.

Tip #7.
 If you know your flight will be delayed, take activities to keep you busy while you wait.

Tip #8.
Pay down your credit card balances before your trip so credit won't run short.

Tip #9.
If you want to use your cellular-phone on the airlines you will need to get permission from the airline before using. Some allow usage while still on the ground and the doors are open.

Tip #10.
Enjoy our travel tips to make your trip go smoother.If you plan to marry in a foreign country find out the country's requirements (examples) France where you must live in the country for 40 consecutive days before the wedding or in St. Lucia, weddings are only valid when performed during daylight.

Tip #11.
When renting a car in a foreign country DO NOT assume that your credit card covers your insurance. Check with credit card company to find out their policy. Coverage is changing for many of the credit card companies so check each time you need a rental.

Tip #12.
Tours and Cruises offer their own insurance when booking but sometimes you need to take extended coverage with a separate company.

Tip #13.
Check with airlines for limits on carry on luggage.

Tip # 14.
Always book your trip with Pam.

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